The 5 Powerful Turmeric Health Benefits

If there was a miracle spice that could improve a wide range of conditions, it would probably be Turmeric.  Part of the ginger family, this powerful spice may lower inflammation, which could help improve many inflammatory diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and age-related brain disorders.

Turmeric contains many different compounds that may improve your health.  The most important one, however, happens to be curcumin.

This potent compound is what gives Turmeric its yellow color, and adds warmth and a bitter taste to many different foods and beverages.   But what Turmeric health benefits can you expect to see?

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Turmeric as a Medicine
The Health Benefits of Turmeric
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Turmeric As A Medicine

Turmeric is a very popular spice that is often added to curries, stews, and other meals.   It offers a warm and bitter taste, and has been used for thousands of years in Asian and Indian cultures.

Although a very popular spice, Turmeric has also been used for thousands of years as a medicine.   Turmeric, often referred to as the “Golden Spice,” has been used in Ayurveda, other traditional Indian medical systems, and in Eastern Asian medical systems to address many different ailments that could impact a person’s life. 

In traditional Indian medicine, it’s been used to treat skin disorders, upper respiratory tract infections, joints, and digestive issues.
Turmeric is also used to treat arthritic conditions, colds, allergies, liver disease, depression, and may offer improvements in heart and brain health.

The main reason why Turmeric is so powerful has to do with the powerful curcuminoids and related compounds it contains.   Out of the many compounds found in Turmeric, Curcumin is the most notable, and is the most widely researched curcuminoid.  It’s been shown to reduce inflammation, by shutting down the activity of NF-kB, a powerful inflammatory molecule.

By shutting down NF-kB, inflammation may decrease, which could improve many inflammatory conditions.

The Turmeric Health Benefits

Turmeric is a powerful spice that might improve your health.  No one can argue that point.  But what are some of the benefits you may see from using Turmeric?

There are plenty.  Although most of the benefits are attributed to Curcumin, this is just one part of the Turmeric plant that you normally get when using a Turmeric supplement, or even the spice.

The benefits include:

1. Turmeric Has Plenty of Beneficial Compounds

Although Curcumin may be the strongest compound, and most widely researched, it’s not the only compound found in Turmeric.
In fact, there are many compounds that may improve your health, and lower your chronic disease risk.

When you use a Turmeric supplement, you’re getting many of these compounds, which includes Curcumin.

However, Curcumin is not easily absorbable or present in high levels in most Turmeric spice.  So you would have to eat a lot just to get the recommended dosage of Curcumin.

That shouldn’t prevent you from using Turmeric though.  Turmeric contains many anti-inflammatory compounds, which could lower inflammation, and improve your health status.

2. Turmeric May Increase BDNF

For a long time, it was believed that brain cells die and don’t regenerate.  This was the belief for many years, and showed very little promise for brain health.

However, studies now show that brain cells may regenerate, thanks to BDNF, a type of growth hormone in the brain.

Increased BDNF levels may cause neurons to form new connections, and multiply and increase in numbers.

The increase in neurons may prevent age-related brain disorders, like Alzheimer’s and dementia.  It may also reduce the risk for developing other brain disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease.

3. Improves Heart Health

There are a lot of things that impact your heart health.  High cholesterol, triglycerides, high blood pressure, and inflammation are chief causes of heart disease.

One area you need to consider more than ever is the health of your endothelium.  The endothelium, or the inner lining of your arteries, often becomes stiff and inflexible due to poor diet and lack of exercise.

This is often the start of arteriosclerosis, which increases your heart attack risk.  Studies show that curcumin, which is present in Turmeric, may improve endothelial function, therefore reducing your heart disease risk.

And, curcumin may lower inflammation and oxidation, which could lower your heart disease risk even more.

4. Improves Arthritis Symptoms

Arthritis, which is an inflammatory condition that impacts your joints, causes pain, stiffness, and sore joints.

Although there are many things that may cause arthritis, one major symptom is inflammation.

But with Turmeric, and curcumin possessing anti-inflammatory properties, studies show this may improve symptoms of arthritis.

Plus, it may alleviate some inflammatory symptoms associated with other forms of arthritis, like rheumatoid arthritis.

5.  May Help With Depression

Depression impacts a good majority of people.  It may lead to feelings of sadness, anxiety, and other emotions beyond someone’s control.

Most often, mood stabilizing medication is prescribed to manage depressive symptoms.  But research shows, curcumin may be as effective at managing these symptoms as prescription medications.

A few studies comparing curcumin to the popular medication Prozac, shows that curcumin supplementation was similar to the improvements seen with Prozac (the combination of both Prozac and curcumin was most effective).

One theory as to why this works is the increase in BDNF, which could improve overall brain health.

Take Home Message

Turmeric, a popular spice used in many different cuisines, may be effective at improving your health and lowering your chronic disease risk.

Although Turmeric contains many different compounds, each providing benefits to your health, the most widely researched compound in Turmeric is curcumin.

Turmeric may lead to improvements in brain health, heart health, and joint health—and may be just as effective at treating depression as popular medications.

Since Turmeric and curcumin are poorly absorbed by your body, for the best possible results, you need to find a highly absorbable Turmeric product—so you can be sure you’re getting the right dose of Turmeric each time.

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