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The Best Meal Replacement Shakes Should Replace A Meal

There are entire aisles of grocery stores and huge sections of stores devoted to meal replacement products, but not all mean replacement shakes are created equal.  The best meal replacement shakes will not leave you just as hungry as you were when you started.  If the goal is to reduce calories, consuming six shakes instead of a single meal will not do you a lot of good.

The idea behind the shakes is simple.  They are meant, with a minimum of calories, say a few hundred, to provide the essential vitamins, nutrients and protein that make up the vital aspects of a meal.  Unfortunately, many of the products strongly marketed to the public do not do such a good job of this.

To be effective, meal replacement shakes need more than a dose of sugar, rich chocolate flavor and a few vitamins and minerals.  Whether the intent of the shake is to reduce calorie intake during a diet, supplement an exercise program with extra nutrients, replace a meal you don’t have time to eat because you’re running out the door or some combination, it shouldn’t leave you hungrier than when you started.

The best meal replacement shakes will taste good--otherwise you have no motivation to drink it--have vitamins, minerals, and a significant portion of protein and fiber.  These latter two elements function to keep your energy level up in ways that no donut will.  Furthermore, fiber will keep you satiated for several hours, rather than leading you back for another and another and not doing your program any good at all.

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