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Four or five years ago, I dug into the science to figure out if there was a way to keep myself and my family healthier.  My kids were now in school and it seemed every germ was brought into our house. 

Some we fought off with no problem but usually 2 to 3x a year we each would get a bug that just wiped us out.  This is a photo of us from 5 years ago. 

Thankfully, as a Registered Dietitian, I know how to dig up the science and also talk with colleagues regarding what is emerging, in the research world. 

I started with taking just Nutrient #1 below, and then as I continued to study what was emerging we added Nutrient #2, and then Nutrient #3 and #4.  

We typically only took these nutrients when we felt an illness coming on.  This schedule has resulted in our kids only getting 1 cold a year on average and myself, I can honestly say, I haven't had a cold last longer than 2 days in about 3 years now.  

Fast forward to our current environment and what appears to be a super virus that has entered our lives.  I was finding it harder to get these quality nutrients on a consistent basis, and the cost of buying them all separately was rising. 

I changed our regimen to take these nutrients every single day which jacked up the cost to provide all these nutrients every single day.  

At first this was self-serving for my family and I -- as we are finding out how serious these new super viruses -- wanted to find a way to help my customers with their immune system health. 

I decided to contact the suppliers of these 4 nutrients to see if I could get enough of each one to create an all-in-one formula for myself and my customers. 

Not only would it be cheaper than buying them all individually, but I would have a little more control over when I can get the raw materials.  

This is How Immuno Defense 4x Was Created. 

It started with a self-serving mission for my family, and has now turned into its own formula that can help hundreds of thousands with their immune system health. 

Here is just a little bit of info behind why my family and I take these immune system supporting nutrients.  

Nutrient 1: 

This nutrient is the powerhouse behind our formula and was actually discovered by accident in a fermentation factory 79 years ago.  This nutrient was fed to animals and a side effect was that they were healthier. 

Fast forward to 22 years ago, and this theory was tested with humans after finding out that the employees who worked in this fermentation factory were healthier than office staff that were not handling this nutrient on a daily basis. 

The factory workers had signficantly fewer sick days than the rest of the company.  

More research has been conducted since then, and there are 2 main lines of defense with this nutrient. 

The first line of defense is with our saliva and a sIgA antibody that helps trap pathogens before they can cause harm.  

The second line of defense is how it increases NK cell activity.  NK cells are a type of white blood cell that moves quickly throughout the body seeking out and destroying bad cells. 

Science has shown that this single nutrient boosts NK cell activity within 2 hours.  All this research will be visible for you to read once we compile all the data into an easy-to-read page.  

It also plays an important role in our gut health.  Our gut plays a major role in the healthy function of our immune system.  This nutrient acts like a prebiotic so that good bacteria, like bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, grow and multiply to help your gut stay healthy. 

Nutrient 2: 

This nutrient plays a major role in promoting a person's immune response.  It has immunoregulatory and anti-inflammatory properties which is important for activating an immune system defense.  Through my research I have found that when a person is not deficient in this nutrient, they decreased the risk of acute respiratory infections by 12%.

Science also supports this nutrient in regards to once someone has a virus, this nutrient helps to fight it off with the immunoregulatory properties that activate the immune system.    

Nutrient 3

This nutrient has been shown through the latest science to act as an immunomodulator, which means it helps regulate and support the immune system at a cellular level.  

Studies have also shown that this nutrient contains anti-viral properties that help inhibit viruses from entering cells during the early stages of an infection.  This makes consuming this nutrient important during times of flu season and so forth. 

Other studies have also shown that this nutrient helps protect the lungs during infections.  

Nutrient 4:  

This nutrient is an enzyme that doesn't have direct immune supporting properties, but it still plays a very important role.  This nutrient paves an easy path for the 3 nutrients listed above to be more easily digested and absorbed within the body. 

As powerful as the 3 immune supporting nutrients are, if our bodies can't absorb and utilize them then why take them.  

This nutrient helps us utilize these immune supporting nutrients.  

I am sure at this point you are asking yourself why I just didn't list the 4 nutrient names, and this is a valid question.  

The reason is because immune system health is very much in demand right now, and we know once we release this formula some of our competitors will knock it off and try to take advantage of our research and formulation. 

When you sign up to be notified of the release of this formula, we will be dripping other bits of information and details to you along with a sneak peak into the ingredients.  

We know there is going to be a huge demand for this new product for obvious reasons with what is going on in the world today.  We were only able to secure enough nutrients in this first round to formulate a little over 1600 bottles

We are already working on securing more nutrients to formulate the next run, and have been promised that the supply chain for these nutrients will be back to normal very soon.  Production has been ramping up over the last 6 weeks because of the surge in demand.  

In the meantime, we want to be able to give our customers and fans the best opportunity to get their own bottle before we sell out of the first run and then have to wait another 4 weeks or so for the next run.  

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