Christy's 6 Tips To Achieving A Healthy Body


Christy is one of our newest JayLab Pro Ambassadors.  She has struggled with her weight off and on over the years and has finally found a new way of eating.  She also combined LeptiSense with her eating to optimize her Leptin levels and lower Cortisol. 

Below are her 6 tips that she has learned and applied to finally lose the weight she has been struggling to lose for so long. 

She has also shared a video discussing her success and some encouragement for other women.  

Christy will tell you that she tried program after program and nothing seemed to work.  You can read below that she even had a conversation with her surgeon about her weight and the impact it was having on her knees.    

Tips 5 & 6 that she shares below were key to her success and she was able to take advantage of them when she was going through the 3-Step Metabolic Restoration Protocol from Registered Dietitian Jayson Hunter. 

Here is a great quote from Christy that she posted. 


"Stay strong everyone! One day at a time! 

Win the day, then win the week!"



Here are some comments she had with her doctor from her journey. These are struggles that many women and men struggle with and Christy has been trying for years to improve her health and weight.  Be sure to watch the video below and read her 6 tips to her success.  






Here are Christy's 6 tips for achieving a healthy body 

1. Meal planning and prep- leaves less room for cheating/impulse eating/poor choices and makes success more likely with portions and carb/protein ratios

2. Get plenty of sleep

3. Regular exercise/move even when there isn’t time to get your preferred workout in. Find a type of exercise you love to do and do it as often as you are able.

4. Take time to assess your mental health/stress level- reduce stress with self-care (doesn’t have to be a massage or a float, but even listening to good music, watching a comedy, spending time alone or even with preferred people, etc)

5. Don’t beat yourself up! Love your body- no one is perfect! 

6. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people who can help you when you are stuck or having difficulty reaching goals. 


 "Oh and I was finally able to get into a favorite pair of jeans over the weekend":) 


These are great tips that Christy has shared from her journey and she wants you to apply them to see if they work for you.  You can also follow the same Body Reset Program and LeptiSense that she used to finally start losing inches from her body and fit back in to her favorite jeans.  


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