Antiviral Yeast Boosts Immunity And Fights Infections

Your immune system is a pretty important system in your body.  Not only does it protect you from getting sick with the cold, or even the flu, it breaks down and digests damaged and dead cells.


Sometimes, your immune system needs a boost.  Sleep loss, stress, and chemicals in your environment may all contribute to a poor immune system.

And the weaker your immune system, the more susceptible you may be to getting sick.  But there is good news:

This new antiviral yeast has been shown effective at boosting your immune system—providing a thick, virus-resistant armor around your body to keep you healthy all year long.

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Why You Get Sick So Often
Factors Weakening Your Immune System
The Antiviral Yeast To Protect Your Immune System

Why You Get Sick So Often

If you hate to get sick, then I have some bad news for you:

There’s a good chance that you are going to get sick at some point during the year.   The reason you get sick is simple:

You’re exposed to viruses, pathogenic bacteria, and fungi that may quickly invade your body—and start the replication process.

And this can happen—even if you’re in quarantine.  Here’s how it works:

You’re out shopping, doing your weekly grocery trip, and someone in front of you coughs into their hands—because they aren’t wearing a mask.

They then proceed to touch the door handle to open the door.  Thinking nothing has just occurred, you touch the door to open it.

Now that virus—that was on his hand—has been transferred to your hand.  And the moment you touch your nose, face, or mouth—or prepare food—the virus has a one-way ticket into your body.

But it doesn’t stop there…

Once inside your body, the virus, bacteria, or fungi may hide out behind your healthy cells, so your immune system can’t find it.

It’s like a cute game of hide-and-seek…except no one is laughing, and the villain is looking to make you sick.

Now, your body does have an immune system—unless you’re immunocompromised—that helps identify foreign agents, and seeks and destroys them.

And this keeps you healthy, and every cell in harmony.

But here’s the thing:

Viruses and pathogenic bacteria may be able to adapt and evolve at a much faster rate than your immune system.  This gives viruses the upper hand—and prevents your immune system from doing its job—keeping foreign invaders out and the rest of your body healthy.

Plus, this leaves you susceptible to a virus replicating, and infecting your entire body.

So that cold you have…or the flu you’re suffering from…may get worse BEFORE it gets better.  And this could put you out of commission for days, or even weeks.

Even though your immune system is very good at identifying foreign agents—and destroying them—it may be weaker, due to factors both within—and out of your control.

Factors Weakening Your Immune System

Although your main job is to protect your immune system, there are certain factors that you can control.

For example, there are tiny particles (mostly pollution) in the air that may invade your body and stimulate your immune system. 

And when this occurs over and over again, it causes an inflammatory immune response within your cells.  This could easily lead to an overstimulated immune system, therefore keeping inflammation levels high.

This eventually leads to a weakened immune system—and response—therefore leaving you susceptible to viruses and pathogenic bacteria.

But it’s not just from the air you breathe.  Chemicals and additives used to make the foods you eat today could also trigger an immune response, which could, once again, cause an overactive immune system.

Here are some other factors that weaken your immune system:

1. Poor Sleep Patterns

If you go to bed late…and wake up early…then you may be harming your immune system.  You see, when you’re getting long, restful sleep, your immune system sends out protective cytokines, which help to eliminate damaged cells, or even aid in virus deletion.

However, when you’re not getting the right amount of sleep, your immune system is unable to release these cytokines, therefore keeping inflammation and cortisol levels high.

That’s why you need to be sure to get plenty of restful sleep at night.  Even though 56 percent of adults say they get enough…only 40 percent of people get, on average, 6.8 hours of sleep.

Some may be more…while others are way less.

And speaking of cortisol…

2. Too Much Cortisol

You’re stressed from work…or school…or a combination of the two.  You’re stressed about your marriage and family life.  Or you’re stressed about your finances.

Whatever the stress is, it’s a killer to your immune system.   Roughly 75 percent of Americans experience high levels of stress, which impacts your immune system—with deadly consequences.

Stress leads to the production of cortisol, which has been shown to impact your immune system—and prevent it from functioning at optimal levels.

This is why, when you’re constantly stressed, you may come down with a cold, or even get the flu.

It’s all due to a compromised immune system—leaving holes in your armor so viruses and pathogenic bacteria can get in.

3. Your Foods Aren’t What They Used To Be

I hate to say it…but the foods you’re eating may not be giving you everything you need to boost your immune system.  Even the fruits and vegetables you eat today may be lacking in the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy.

Studies show that vitamins A, E, C, D, and B vitamins—along with zinc and magnesium—may all give your immune system the boost it needs.  However, due to depleted soils—your fruits and vegetables may not be delivering the level of nutrients your body needs—or the right amount of them.

And if you’re not eating the right serving of fruits and vegetables--which many of us aren’t--you’re putting yourself at future risk for infections and illnesses.

Now that you know what factors are impacting your immune system, it’s time to learn how you can give it a RAPID boost (like within 2 hours)—without changing your diet or even exercising more.

The Antiviral Yeast To Protect Your Immune System

If you want to see a rapid increase in your immune system, then there is only one way to do it:

Using this antiviral yeast.  Back in 1998, this antiviral yeast was first discovered as a way to boost immunity.

Plant workers making this yeast for horses, rarely got sick—and didn’t take any sick time.  And their insurance company—and bosses—wondered why.

After testing these workers, and the yeast they were making, they discovered that those exposed to this specialized yeast, had a stronger, more robust immune system.

Not only did they have higher killer T cells (immune cells that destroy foreign invaders), they also had higher antibody molecules in their saliva and membranes surrounding their eyes.

Plus, they had lower pro-inflammatory immune complexes—which kept their inflammation in check.

As it turns out, the yeast they were making rapidly boosted their immune system—and kept them healthy all year long.

And this is a great thing.  After studying this yeast, researchers discovered:

  • The workers all had higher levels of sIgA antibodies.  These antibodies are important for keeping viruses from entering your body through your eyes, mouth, nose, and open cuts.
  • They also had LOWER IgE levels.  Not only did they have higher sIgA levels to prevent viruses from getting in, they also had lower IgE levels.  This is important since IgE levels are often associated with inflammation and may be present when allergies persist.
  • Even non-vaccinated people were healthy.  Those who didn’t get the flu shot—but were exposed to this yeast—still showed higher immune strength, and better protection against the cold and flu virus.
  • There was a rapid response by the immune system.  Not only did they have a stronger outer “armor” from getting sick, they also showed a faster immune response after exposure to the yeast.  In as little as TWO HOURS after ingestion, they had significantly higher killer T cells compared to the control groups.

These are just some of the highlights.  Users of this yeast also showed fewer allergies…less time with symptoms…and less days being sick.


No one likes to get sick.  And you do everything in your power to avoid getting sick.

And that includes boosting your immunity—so you can fight off viruses, pathogenic bacteria, and fungi that could make you sick.

However, due to numerous factors, your immune system may be weak, leaving you susceptible to getting—or staying sick,


A new type of yeast has been shown to RAPIDLY boost your immune system—therefore lowering inflammation, and keeping your immune system functioning at optimal levels.

Not only does it boost your immune system, it may lower inflammation, alleviate allergies, and shorten the time you’re sick—by a matter of days.

If you find yourself frequently sick, then it may be a good sign you have a weak immune system.  Including this antiviral yeast into your everyday plan could lead to a stronger immune system, and fewer sick days, and time lost at work.




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