Blueprint To Rock Solid Abs

When I was younger, I remember reading, learning, and absorbing all I could out of the “Great Book of Abs.”

However, the more I applied myself and the techniques I learned in the book, the more frustrated I got!

I was doing crunches everyday – sometimes twice a day – just to get the ripped, super-hard six-pack abs look.

But I was nowhere near that…

In fact, a question I always asked myself…

What am I doing wrong?  Why can’t I wash clothes off my abs?

Have you ever been there?

Worked so hard…

Ran all the TIME…

Did hundreds – if not thousands – of crunches in a week…

Only to be left with absolutely NO results?

Trust me, I like to believe everyone has been there, but I know I am just kidding myself.

Some may have experienced exactly what I have, while others may have been comfortable with taking their shirts off at the beach.

So, the question remains: what was I doing wrong?

The REAL Way to a Six-Pack

So here’s the answer…

When it came to losing fat and exposing my six-pack for the first time, there were plenty of things I needed to learn.

First, I needed to learn that crunches are NOT the answer.

Yes, they do a great job of strengthening your core…

Stabilizing your body from external sources…

And, if you’re into the “look”, giving you some chiseled abs!

But what I needed to learn is that losing fat is a multi-step process…

And the only answer to the six-pack mystery!

Doing thousands of crunches in a day, week, or a month would NOT give me the look I wanted.

I had to re-teach myself a LOT of things.

I needed to teach myself that DIET plays a large role in how your body burns fat.

Yes, I know, took me awhile, but it finally “clicked”.

You see, everyone naturally has a “six-pack” already!  It may just be covered with a thin (or very thick) layer of fat.

And that fat is what is preventing you from seeing your six-pack.

So what I started to do was this:  I changed the way I ate.

I started eating whole foods: more fruits and vegetables, more lean proteins, six small meals per day, more FIBER-rich foods, and most of all, I drank MORE water!

I stopped drinking soda, fruit juice, and beer and started to really focus on what I needed to do to lose weight, or to lose the FAT.

Then I started to change my workouts...

Crunches were NOT the answer to my questions. 

You see, I used to be a swimmer – you know the long endurance activities – which I learned didn’t do a whole lot for burning fat.

Now, conventional wisdom said that the more cardio I did the more weight I would lose.

But, I found this to be all WRONG!

It wasn’t until college, when I experienced high-intensity training for the first time, that I really learned the SECRET to fat burning.

Hard – but short – work intervals followed by a moderate intensity walk/run worked WONDERS for me!

Within a couple of weeks, I started to notice my abs “poking” out…

I wasn’t as embarrassed to take off my shirt at the beach…

And I was more confident!

So quick summary so far: I changed the way I ate, I cut out the “bad” foods that were making me gain weight and fat, and I changed my workouts to include more intense exercises.

But that wasn’t all!

At some point, I noticed I started to plateau.

And that made me very angry, upset, and MOTIVATED to make the right changes to keep the progress going.

I changed up my workouts to not only include high intensity training, but I routinely changed the workout to tax my body – and more importantly – my muscles, in order to keep the results going.

I alternated different exercises, or made adjustments in hand position or body position, to make the workouts harder and more intense.

And that made all the difference!

I was excited and still am today!  And you can be too…

YOUR Guide to Better Abs

So here is a quick recap on how you – yes, you reading this article – can get the six pack abs look you’re after!

First, don’t feel that crunches are the ONLY answer – because they are not.

Functional movements, full-body workouts, and bodyweight exercises may be just as effective at boosting your lean muscles mass, fat burning, and metabolism.

Also, including high-intensity exercise may also be a great way to boost calorie burn –and as a side effect – burn extra FAT!

Secondly, you need to change your diet to encourage fat loss!

It really is true that fat loss is 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise!

If you drink sugary beverages, cut them out.

If you eat junk food, get rid of it.

Switch to lean cuts of meat, more fruits and vegetables, fiber-rich carbs, and plenty of water.

This may boost your fat loss and enable you to finally see the six-pack you’ve been looking for!

But if you want a secret weapon on the fight against belly fat, then look no further than the link below:


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