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5 Conditions Your Breath May Be Able To Reveal About Your Health


…and the #1 way to protect your health in the future!

I am going to let you in on a little secret…

Your BREATH could be a key indicator to how healthy you truly are.

Giving yourself a quick breath check may actually be good for your health!  Sure it may save you from some truly embarrassing social situations, but checking your breath could key you into certain health issues that may be brewing under the surface.

Now, you’re probably sitting there asking, “How can you tell my health may be poor by smelling my breath?”

And that’s a great question!  There is some breakthrough new technology that may be able to detect certain health conditions that could be growing inside your body.

It may sound like it’s completely made up…or from some science fiction magazine, but it’s 100% real!

And surprisingly, it’s pretty accurate in detecting some pretty serious disease that could be growing inside your body.

Now, most bad breath could be a result of poor dental health…gingivitis…or bacteria that has been growing in and around your teeth for months.


Bad Breath May Signal Other Underlying Medical Conditions—That If Left Untreated—Could Destroy Your Health or Eventually Lead to Death!

And if you think your breath is perfectly fine because it doesn’t give off an odor, you would be WRONG.  Some health conditions may not give off any odor at all, which means you may not ever know something serious is going on inside your body.

So, before you reach for a mint, let’s take a look at some of the health conditions your breath could be giving away…

When Your Breath Requires More Than A Mint (or Gum) To Freshen Up

As previously mentioned, bad breath could be a sign of poor dental health (like you haven’t brushed your teeth for a while).  But it could signify there’s something seriously wrong with your health.

If you believe that poor dental health could be the cause of your halitosis, think again.  Here are some of the more severe health conditions that could be causing your bad breath:

1. Lung Cancer

Lung cancer kills many people each and every year.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know you had it so you could treat it before it becomes worse?

According to a study, lung cancer elicits volatile organic compounds, which can be detected by a breath analysis.

2. Diabetes

If you ever find your breath to be fruity smelling (almost like nail polish), then you may have a serious issues with diabetes.

When your body doesn’t have enough insulin, it will burn fatty acids to use as energy.  When this happens, ketones are produced, which accumulate in your blood.

Poor controlled diabetes could also increase your risk for gum disease and dry mouth.  You see, when your blood sugar is uncontrolled, your body has a much harder time fighting the bacteria.

Therefore you end up with fruity smelling breath or other dental issues.

3. Kidney Failure

If your breath smells very fishy, or urine like, there may be a problem with your kidneys.

Your kidneys are extremely important as they take toxins out of your body and excrete them as urine.  However, in kidney failure, there is too much damage to your kidneys, which prevents them from removing toxins from your body.

The end result is toxins and waste products end up accumulating in your body, therefore destroying vital organs.

The fishy-smelling breath could be a result of the waste product impacting your respiratory system, leading to breathing issues.

4. Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea impacts many people around the world.   It occurs when you snore and the soft tissue in your throat collapses causing an obstruction in your breathing.

Sleep apnea usually occurs because people have trouble breathing through their nose, so they usually breathe with an open mouth.

Sleeping with an open mouth slows the production of saliva, which increases the growth of odor-producing bacteria from invading your mouth—resulting in nasty, sour morning breath.

5. Respiratory Problems

When you’re sick, you may have some foul-smelling breath.  The reason for this:

Infections break down and inflame the tissues in your lungs.  This may trigger an increase in the production of bacteria and mucus.

This over-production of mucus and bacteria could eventually lead to foul-smelling breath.

Mints May Not Be The Answer

Everyone—at one time or another—has experienced a case of bad breath.  However, before you chock that bad breath up to poor hygiene or dental habits…

…think again!  Bad breath may signify that there could be something seriously wrong inside your body.  And certain conditions—like lung cancer and diabetes—may produce a very distinct type of smell, which should alert you to an impending health issue.

So next time you think your bad breath just needs a mint…be sure to double check the smell to ensure you’re not suffering from any number of health problems.

Now, the health issues listed above could be very serious and could ruin your health—or even take your life.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  On the next page, you’re going to learn the #1 secret to better health.   The fact that this secret is powerful should clue you in to how important this breakthrough really is.  Just click the button below and discover for yourself the #1 secret I turn to when I’m looking to protect and improve my health.




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