Increase The Longevity Of Your Heart With Coffeeberry®

, the flowering component of the coffee plant, can possess many different antioxidant capabilities.

The Coffeeberry® is full of phenolic acids, which are polyphenols, that can account for their high concentration of antioxidants.

The antioxidants found in Coffeeberry®, have been shown to reduce internal inflammation (from increased free radical activity) due to normal cellular metabolism and also due to the intensity of your exercise.

Increased free radicals can increase cellular damage and increase inflammation in organs, cells and arteries in your body.

And increased inflammation can speed up the aging process.

Now, antioxidants found in Coffeeberry®, can exhibit benefits that aid in heart health.

Let me explain…

Coffeeberry® and PON1

PON1, better known as paraoxonase 1, is an enzyme found in nearly every human and is produced by your liver.

In your body, this enzyme possesses anti-atherosclerotic abilities by enhancing your HDL cholesterol.

In fact, decreased PON1 levels have been shown to increase your risk for developing atherosclerosis.

PON1 is also associated with the severity and how bad your development of coronary artery disease is.

Increased PON1 has been associated with reduced oxidative stress and decreasing the volume of oxidized LDL’s cholesterol found in your blood.

Oxidized LDL’s, travel through your membrane wall and can lead to inflammation and platelet accumulation on your artery wall.

And this can lead to blockages and those blockages breaking off, possibly leading to a heart attack or stroke.

Coffeeberry® can exhibit the ability to increase the activity of PON1, which could reduce atherosclerosis.

However, Coffeeberry® is not done yet…

Coffeeberry® and sEH

Soluble epoxide hydrolase, or sEH, is another enzyme produced by your body, and lends a hand in many different reactions.

Decreasing soluble epoxide hydrolase has become a target by drug companies, in order to produce medication in order to reduce hypertension, inflammation and tobacco-induced lung inflammation.

The breakdown of arachidonic acid increase omega-6 fatty acid concentrations in your blood.

And this can increase inflammation and can lead to high blood pressure.

The combination of increased oxidized LDL cholesterol and high blood pressure could potentially increase your heart disease risk.

However, Coffeeberry® could reduce the activity of sEH in your body.

Coffeeberry®, once ingested and absorbed into your bloodstream, may inhibit the enzymatic ability of sEH.

And this could reduce inflammation and reduce blood pressure.

Coffeeberry®, The Amazing Fruit

The antioxidant capabilities of the Coffeeberry® could be a breakthrough for new treatments related to heart disease.

Coffeeberry® potentially can reduce the activity of certain enzymes, therefore, protecting your heart, lungs and kidneys from damage associated with high blood pressure.

Also, Coffeeberry® has been shown to increase athletic performance and reduce the signs of aging.

Including Coffeeberry® could inhibit inflammation and slow the aging process.

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Coffeeberry® Forte inhibits soluble epoxide hydrolase in human blood.  Acute effects study.  Research Report.

Coffeeberry® Forte stimulates activity of Paraoxonase 1 in human blood.  Acute effect study.

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