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My doctor told me to take this one piece of advice

By Kevin DiDonato MS, CSCS, CES

For years, we have been told that "medicine" is the only way to get healthy.

And we assumed that doctors didn't endorse the use of natural supplements - and there was no way doctors actually TOOK supplements for themselves.

But wow - were we wrong. Dead wrong!

But today, the market has evolved to include many more supplements for different purposes.

More and more supplements are released into the marketplace, each one for a different reason.

From muscle building supplements to anti-aging and now to Fish and Krill oil supplements, the products and quality of the products are becoming increasingly safe and effective.

Now, with the support of the medical community, supplements are becoming increasingly recommended as an alternative to medications to better your overall health.

A recent survey revealed that out of 900 medical professionals, a VERY large majority, occasionally use supplements to give their health the boost they need throughout the day.

The reason doctors are recommending supplements: to improve cholesterol and heart health, skin, hair, and nail health, and finally bone and joint health.

There is continued research on the effectiveness of most supplements, with Krill oil and fish oil leading the way, due to the high levels of omega-3 fatty acids.

Fish and Krill Oil supplements have shown promising results in the arena of heart health, depression, degenerative diseases, and many other things.

Here is the breakdown of the survey:

• 900 medical professionals (300 each of orthopedics, cardiologists, and dermatologists)

• 57% of cardiologists occasionally used supplements

• 75 and 73% of dermatologists and orthopedics occasionally used supplements respectively

• 37% of cardiologists regularly used supplements

• 59 and 50% of dermatologists and orthopedics regularly used supplements respectively

Multivitamins was the most widely used supplement by medical professionals.

The next widely used supplement: Fish oil and Krill Oil.

And to top it all off….

Most medical professionals RECOMMENDED the use of supplements to their patients.

With an astounding 72%, 66%, and 91% of cardiologists, dermatologists, and orthopedics recommending supplements, the supplement industry is sure to take off.

But there is one problem: medical professionals struggle with knowing ALL the potential benefits of each and every supplement on the market.

But they are hungry….they want more INFORMATION!

They are pushing for continuing education credits in nutritional supplements.

This will help them better deliver the information to you and other patients.

Doctors have an uncanny power over you.

They are able to deliver information with the most sound and medical perspective.

One of the main reasons why people change their lives, or the lives of people around them, is because it was RECOMMENDED by their doctors.

When doctors told you to take an aspirin after suffering a heart attack to prevent further complications, you (the consumer) listened.

When doctors told you that you needed a specialist, you went looking for the right answers.

Now, doctors are recommending supplements.   Are you going to listen?

Of course you are!

For some reason hearing any news, good or bad, from your doctor makes your ears perk up and you listen, and listen closely.

Health professionals, trainers, boot camp instructors and now the medical community are recommending supplements to their clients and patients.

The industry is changing for the better with more people realizing the importance of supplementing your diet with nutritional supplements.

Multivitamins, anti-aging care, and fish and krill oil supplements are among the fastest growing supplements doctors are recommending for use every day.

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