How Eating Protein Might Whip You Into Shape


…plus a delicious and oh-so-easy recipe to try today!

You know what’s hard?

Sticking to a restrictive diet plan—that gives you very little wiggle room—for an extended period of time.

Not only does it make people dread the word DIET—it sometimes makes losing weight a painstakingly hard feat to overcome.

But I am not here to tell you how hard it is to lose weight on a restrictive diet…

…instead I am here to tell you how easy it is to lose weight when you meet your optimal calorie intake.

I know it sounds strange, but believe me, making small, strategic changes to your current lifestyle, may be the easiest and most effective long-term solution to regaining control over your weight.

And there is no better or easier way to accomplish that than by replacing one meal a day with a protein shake!

I know that you may be saying that replacing a meal with a shake won’t work FOR YOU…

But trust me, it will!  Wouldn’t it be nice to watch as 5, 10, or 15 pounds disappear—effortlessly—all by making one simple switch during the day?

It would be AMAZING!

And today, I want to show you why this approach could be the easiest and most effective solution to losing weight—without completely starving yourself!

The Meal Swap Solution

So here’s the deal…

Rather than starving yourself and restricting your calories (which makes you ravenously hungry and could even lead to depression), this approach is smart and simple to implement into your daily needs.

Let’s take a closer look at replacing your meal with—a PROTEIN SHAKE!

It’s simple…it’s effective…and it could help you burn pound after pound of stubborn belly fat—in a matter of weeks (as opposed to months).

Think about it for a moment…

Protein shakes carry with them many different benefits.  Firstly, they are easily digested (most shakes are designed to be easy to digest so the nutrients are easily absorbed by your body).

They are easily transported, which makes them a perfect meal-on-the-go solution.

But that’s just the fun stuff…

Protein shakes supply your body with an endless supply of nutrients your body needs to build muscle, burn fat, and put your metabolism forever in the fast lane.

As you may know (or may not), protein supplies your body with the amino acids it needs to repair cells and build lean muscle mass.

(This is an important aspect to speeding up your metabolism and burning calories all day long—even when you sleep!  But there is a faster wayJust CLICK HERE to see what this 18-year dietitian discovered as it relates to what's holding you back from your ideal body weight.)

Most protein shakes contain 15 to 24 grams of protein (about the same amount as a piece of chicken), which may also suppress your appetite, therefore preventing unnecessary late-afternoon splurges or high-calorie snacking.

And, depending on how you make them (check out the recipes below), you could get plenty of fiber in your shake, therefore keeping you feeling full a lot longer.

Now, if you haven’t made this change yet…

All I have to ask you is, why not?  People all over the world are implementing this simple (yet very tasty) tip and are seeing impressive changes to their bodies.

In fact, here’s a great infographic for you to enjoy:

Not only are they happy to report a slimmer body…clothes are fitting differently…and more muscle tone…

They are also reporting about how EASY it is to stick to and provides your body with the right nutrients—at the right times!

Where to go from here…

You may be asking what your next steps are to implementing this easy weight loss strategy.  What I would recommend is this:

Pick yourself up a bottle (or 2…or 3) of vanilla protein powder (the base of many different recipes) and get started on making some of the shakes from above.

After a while, you can start to expand your horizons and experiment with different flavor combinations and healthy ingredients.

Just remember…

Protein is one of the keys to burning fat and building lean muscle mass.  Ultimately, this could help speed up your metabolism—allowing you to burn calories day and night.


There is one thing to remember: Not all protein powder is created equally.  Some may be lacking in protein, while others may contain additives, fillers, and sugar which could contribute to weight gain.

Don’t fall for the fancy marketing tactics of most companies peddling protein powder—there is only one protein powder on the market that’s head-and-shoulders above the rest.  Just click the link below to secure your supply of the protein powder that trainers and nutritionists highly recommend:

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