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Try This Sneaky Trick To Boost Belly Fat-Burning!

By Cassandra Forsythe-Pribanic, PhD, RD

Belly fat is one of the most troublesome problem areas for nearly all people.

A flat belly is more attractive for others to look at, is a sign of a fit body, and helps you exude confidence and energy with every step.

Women look and feel better in their bikinis with a nice flat stomach; and men look and feel better in their swim trucks with abs of steel, rather than a beer belly.

But most people struggle with belly fat. Whether it be a lower belly pooch making you feel less than sexy, or a round belly that shakes when you laugh (like a bowl full of jelly), a flat belly is hard to get.

One of the biggest factors stopping us from getting a flat belly is all the sitting we do each day. When you sit, your abs are usually disengaged and lifeless, which contributes to a paunch that no one wants (check your posture now and see how yours are!).
Doing planks and anti-rotational core work at the gym will do nothing if you spend the rest of your day in a slouched-over, sloppy-ab position.

So, sit up straight, tighten those abs, and watch your tummy flatten out!

Then, for even more of a boost, scientists have discovered that a special tea can help you reduce your belly fat, and look sexier in your low-rise jeans with consistent exercise. So, if you’re a constant coffee drinker, you may want to switch a few cups out for this special drink.

The drink we’re talking about is green tea.

For thousands and thousands of years, Asian people have been drinking green tea daily and have reaped the rewards of improved resistance to disease, low joint pain, enhanced cardiovascular function and flat tummies.

Green tea is rich in a special fat-burning compound called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate). This catechin has been shown in cellular studies to prevent the growth and differentiation of adipocytes (fat cells), which is how and why belly fat occurs in the first place.

In a study of rats fed a high sugar diet, green tea was compared to both black and oolong teas.  It was shown that only green tea was able to reduce fat absorption and prevent fat accumulation in the liver and heart (it’s good to use animal for studies like this since the last time we checked, it’s not ethical to dissect a human’s heart or liver for science…).

Now, even though these cell and animal studies are nice, we all want to know if green tea is able to help humans shed belly fat.

In fact, it can!

Researchers in Bloomington, IN and St. Petersburg, FL randomized 132 healthy men and women with an average age of 47 years old, to either a beverage containing green tea, or a placebo for 12 weeks along with their normal diet.

The green tea beverage provided ~207 mg of EGCG along with other catechins found naturally in green tea, while the placebo beverage was masked to taste just like green tea and have the same caffeine content (~39 mg/day).

During the study, the participants engaged in ≥180 mins (3 hours) of moderate-intensity physical activity each week and attended at least 3 supervised exercise sessions, which included both weight lifting and aerobic exercises with the goal of fat and weight loss.

After 12 weeks, it was found that the participants who drank the daily green tea beverage had a greater loss of total body weight, and significantly more belly fat loss and subcutaneous belly fat loss than the participants who drank just the caffeinated placebo drink.

The people who drank the green tea drink also had a more significant reduction in blood triglyceride levels and blood free fatty acids than the people who drank the placebo.

The green tea drink showed complete safety for those taking it, with no major adverse effects related, and no liver toxicity.

Overall, green tea was able to help exercising men and women lose more body fat than a similar caffeinated beverage by preventing belly fat storage, and increasing calories burned as fat during exercise.

It also had the added benefit of reducing risk factors for heart disease, without any harmful side effects.

So, if you’re looking to boost your belly fat loss with a consistent exercise program, then green tea is your beverage of choice (unsweetened and no cream, of course).

One bag of green tea, brewed, provides about 25-30 mg of EGCG 
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