Dear friend,

I want to share with you a story how plant workers in Cedar Rapids, Iowa—have been able to remain sickness-free, thanks in part, to a miraculous, accidental discovery.

And this happened without adding a second of exercise, or even changing the way they ate.

In a moment, I am going to reveal a way to get all the immune-boosting benefits of exercise—in as little as 2 seconds each day.

But first, I want to share with you why Chris Meletis, ND, said this about some plant workers spending time at the Diamond V Mills in Cedar Rapids, Michigan:

“These People Seem Virtually IMMUNE From Contracting Almost Anything.”

In 1998, Diamond V. Mills was the leading company for making yeast to feed horses and cattle.  And this yeast worked amazingly well—and any horse/cow that used it was strong, virile, and immune to illnesses that often shorten an animals life.

Even more amazing was this:

As with every large company, employees were paid well, and had a relatively great health insurance package.   And with that, came insurance adjusters.

In 2004, insurance premiums across the nation rose an astounding 11.2 percent…

While Diamond V. premiums were going DOWN.

It wasn’t due to healthy eating, exercise, or health promotion programs…

It was because anyone who came in contact with this special yeast…

Just weren’t getting sick.  In fact, their managers and bosses were taking sick time more in line with the national average.

But some plant workers hadn’t taken a sick day in months—or years.


It wasn’t the managers who noticed this…but the insurance adjusters did.  They wanted answers…and fast.  Because insurance companies aren’t in the game to lose money… 

Diamond V. commissioned a multi-million dollar study looking for the reason why their plant workers “were immune from contracting anything.”

And what they found has changed the course of immunity forever.

Not only were the workers FREE from sickness…they showed amazing immune strength, higher antibody activity, and virtually no inflammation in their bodies.

Everyone was amazed…

That a little town in Iowa could hold the key to sickness-free living—without having to include more fruits and vegetables…exercise harder…or make dramatic lifestyle changes to improve their health.

This discovery, is so powerful that blueberries…

Green Tea…

Even beta glucans don’t hold a candle to the power of this yeast when it comes to immunity.

Right now, the immune-boosting game has changed.  The nutrient they stumbled across is a whole food fermentate—and it’s one part of our newest formulation, Immuno Defense 4X.


A patented blend of 4 natural nutrients to strengthen your immune system that will protect your body from infections, inflammation, and any other illness coming your way.

This whole food fermentate—the driving nutrient behind Immuno Defense 4X—works by boosting the strength of not 1…not 2…

…but all 4 lines of defense that naturally protect your body, and keeps viruses, fungi, and bacteria out.

Here is how this new whole food fermentate works to boost your immune system:

Defense Line 1: increases secretory immunoglobulin A (IgA) in saliva—which keeps viruses and bacteria from entering your body.

Defense Line 2: Activates natural killer cells (NK) in as little as 2 hours.  The more NK cells you have, the better equipped your body will be at seeking and destroying bad cells in your body.

Defense Line 3:
Protects cells from oxidative stress—which helps keep your immune system in check and strong, and not overactive and weak.

Defense Line 4: Acts as a food to supply your gut bacteria with the nutrients it needs to aid in your body’s immune system.

It is more than just a whole food fermentate,,,and more than just a yeast…it’s a whole food powder containing the macro and micronutrients your immune system needs to stay strong and vibrant.

And together, with the other 3 nutrients found in Immuno Defense 4X—we can assure you this product will deliver a stronger immune system…less inflammation…and the precision to destroy any viruses or bacteria that you may come in contact with.

Although it won’t end your cold overnight with just one use…

…the odds of you getting the cold in the first place, are next to nothing.

Even if you’re sick once a year…or you’re never sick…

This whole food fermentate may work to support your immune system to reduce internal inflammation that often leads to heart disease, diabetes, or weight loss resistance…destroys cancer cells before they become a problem…and keeps highly contagious diseases from railroading your health.

It works synergistically with the 3 other nutrients to rapidly increase your immunity(7)—so you can fight anything you encounter.

And it does it fast—like two hours fast!  In fact, here is what you could see by using Immuno Defense 4X:

So, besides this whole food fermentate what other goodness could I fit in?  Well…

Here are the 4 “defenders” we’ve put into Immuno Defense 4X:

Whole Food Fermentate—A powerful yeast, and whole food fermentate, that RAPIDLY boosts your immunity—within just 2 hours.  Not only does it “lock” local entry points from incoming viruses & bacteria…it packs a one-two punch by boosting the production of your natural “Killer” cells.

Quercetin—A natural antioxidant found in many foods—including DARK CHOCOLATE—that shuts down the replication process DEAD IN ITS TRACKS.  Quercetin works to balance an overactive immune system by shutting down inflammation, so your immune system can function like normal.  Studies show this one nutrient has potential and may help treat Zika...Ebola…and is currently being tested against spiking cases of this supervirus in China.

Vitamin D—Most know vitamin D as the sunshine vitamin—and is a key to stronger bones, and a better mood.  But current research shows it could be the missing link to a stronger immune system.  It activates your immune cells by attaching to them—giving a boost to your innate and adaptive immunity.  Essentially helps you fight off infections once they are trying to take hold within the body. 

Bromelain—This enzyme found in the flesh, skin, and juice of pineapples, is the one nutrient that ties all of these ingredients together.  It lowers inflammation in your nasal passages so you can breathe easier—and improves the absorption of all 3 nutrients I’ve packed into this formula—especially quercetin.  This means your body gets MORE of the nutrients you need—so they can get to work, kicking your immune system into gear.

As you can see, Immuno Defense 4X contains some of the most effective ingredients—all clinically tested—to boost your immune system.  Each nutrient can act independently to support your immunity—but this powerful combination works in unison to build a protective layer around your body to keep nasty viruses out.

Ingredient 1

A Whole-Food Fermentate That Not Only Locks Down Your Entry Ports…It Boosts Your SlgA Antibodies To Kill Off Pathogens As They Enter

Throughout my research, I kept coming back to one simple idea:

If I wanted to be healthier—and have a stronger immune system—I needed to protect the entry points where viruses love to hang out and eventually invade.

I needed to strengthen my eyes, mouth, and nose…or more specifically my mucosal membranes.

And I found the best way ever.  Let me introduce you to the main driving yeast.  Once I read the story behind this amazing whole food fermentate…I was sold.

Here’s the story:

This product, which was originally made for horses…locks out bacteria in various ways by boosting the immune response all over your body—but mostly in the “gateways” where there is easy access to the rest of your body.(3,4,7)

Workers exposed to this food, or yeast, were rarely sick.  In fact, as sickness rates and claims skyrocketed in other parts of the country…

…this company saw a DECREASE in their insurance premiums.  Their factory workers were not getting sick like other businesses.  They were even healthier than their own management team—who were sick a heck of a lot more.

So people wanted to know why.  

It turns out, those exposed to the yeast—the manufacturing workers—had stronger immune systems.

This amazing whole food fermentate works in two very distinct ways that you won’t find in other Immune-boosting supplements.
It has been shown to:

Rush Immunity-Boosting Antibodies To Nasal Passages To Shut Down Entry Of Viruses & Bacteria

It keeps all the good in…and keeps all the pathogens out.  The plant workers all showed higher levels of secretory immunoglobulin A in their saliva and mucosal membranes.(7)

These same antibodies—which may be higher in whole food fermentate users—may trap pathogens –BEFORE they can cause harm.

But that’s not all…it also:

Unleashes Natural “Killer” Cells That Seek And Destroy The Sickness-Causing Bad Cells

Consider these the “Marines” of your immune system.  They are cells independent of your immune system—and actively seek and destroy militant viruses—that often make you sick.

They don’t need any help—and they kill with the same precision as a sniper.  

Due to various factors—like stress, poor diet, excess weight and body fat, and underlying diseases—you may have less killer cells to do the heavy lifting for you.

And this leaves you vulnerable to viruses leaving you sick for days—or even weeks.


This whole food fermentate has been shown to boost natural killer cell activity—allowing for a much faster response time.(7)

But that’s not all.   This nutrient can also:

RAPIDLY Assemble Your Immune System To Fight Off Infections

in as little as 2 hours!(7)  This is what really turned me on to it.  Not only did it boost my immune system—it did it FAST and has been replicated in clinical research studies to do this over and over.

I was looking for something where I would feel an IMMEDIATE difference in my body—the minute I took it.  

And this is exactly what this whole food fermentate did—and it was proven to work in a reputable study.  According to a study in the Journal of Medical Food, participants were asked to fast—and then blood was taken.(7)

They were then supplemented with 500mg of whole food fermentate—and blood was drawn again at 1- and 2-hour increments.  They found:

Those supplemented with this yeast showed statistically significant increases in antioxidant protection.   Plus, both CD25 and CD69—both activation markers for NK killer cells—were significantly increased.(7)

As I discovered, this yeast could add a double layer of protection—and stimulate both your innate and your adaptive immune response.

So…before a dangerous pathogen even thinks about crossing over your membranes--it stops it dead in its tracks.  This is your first line of defense—often called the innate immunity.

(No More Runny Nose Or Stuffy Head?  Users Showed a
43% REDUCTION In Nasal Congestion)

If, for any reason, the virus does penetrate your first line of defense (innate immunity), then this yeast has already worked to “secure the line,” and activate your other line of defense (adaptive immunity).


Once this system is activated…your NK killer cells RAPIDLY assemble to destroy any pathogens they encounter.

And this is important if you’re going to fight off viruses, infections, pathogenic bacteria, and environmental allergens you’re exposed to.

It makes fighting off infections FASTER and EASIER.  So you may not get sick…

The cold, or even the flu, may not stick around…

And it prevents viruses, pathogenic bacteria, and other stressors from destroying the healthy cells in your body—by keeping oxidative stress from weakening your immune response.

The end result:

A stronger, healthier body—and the energy to take care of you and your loved ones (who may or may not be sick).

But this amazing yeast doesn’t stop there.  In fact, it may:

Improve Gut Health, Constipation, And Provides The Fuel For More
Virus-Fighting Good Bacteria—Than Oats Or Beta-Glucan Can

Viruses have been shown to weaken, and change the composition of your gut bacteria—making it harder to naturally fight off infections.


Those trillions of immune-boosting bacteria in your gut also need fuel to keep them running…and to keep the bad bacteria at bay.

And this is where prebiotics work wonders.

Instead of eating pounds of leafy greens…tons of fiber-rich foods that may cause gas and bloating…or taking a fiber-supplement that may not work…

This whole food fermentate provides the fuel your gut needs to keep those good bacteria fighting—and the bad bacteria where it should be—out of your GI tract.(8,9)

Ingredient 2:

The Key To Stopping Viruses From Attaching—And Replicating…
And Fixing Your Overactive Immune System

Here’s something you may not know:

There are over 219 viruses that can invade your body at any given time.

And once they attach to cells in your body…they quickly replicate like crazy, creating more and more copies.

If they get through your locked down entry ways…this is where they attack your lungs, throwing your system into panic mode.

This activates your immune system…which gets ready to fight off this infection.  In a perfect world, this is EXACTLY what you need.


Your world may not be perfect—not even close.   Your immune system may be weaker…which may lead to more frequent illnesses—and lost time at work.

Stress from work and everyday life…poor eating habits…less exercise…and different chronic diseases…

Have all been shown to weaken your immune system—making it harder to fight off infections BEFORE—or after they are there.

What could take days to get over…have now turned to weeks, if not months—to get over.

This means you have ZERO stop sleeping well…and you feel like your head is floating or plugged up all the time.

All because you let some virus invade your body and attach to your healthy cells—and start replicating like mad.

But what if there was a way to prevent viruses from attaching in the first place?

Enter Quercetin—a natural plant-based compound found in many of the foods you may currently enjoy eating.

Not only does it carry antiviral properties—it may add strength to your immune system—keeping those viruses from attaching and replicating.  The problem is this:

An overactive immune system increases inflammation—which creates havoc in your immune system—so it doesn’t shut off.   And this could spell disaster.


Quercetin lessens the impact of inflammation thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.(10,11,12)

This powerhouse has shown promise to be effective against the Zika virus in various research studies…(13,14,15)

And is currently slated to be tested on the "supervirus" patients exploding in China right now.  It attacks viruses and lowers inflammation—all without overstimulating your immune system.

The combination of our whole food fermentate and Quercetin alone would make this formula one of the strongest immune boosters on the market today.  But I went and added TWO more nutrients to make Immuno Defense 4X the clear winner.

I’ve also included:

Ingredient 3

The Bone-Strengthening Vitamin That Doubles As An
Immune System “Secret Agent”

Everyone knows that sunshine may strengthen bones, improve mood, and may even lower your risk for diabetes.

As it turns out, Vitamin D may also be a powerful immune-system booster.  Studies show your immune system has receptor sites for vitamin D—and once it binds to those receptors, it activates your innate and adaptive immune systems.


When your vitamin D levels are low—like during winter times when viruses are stronger and can penetrate easier…you may have a harder time fighting off viruses and infections.(21,22,23)

And this is why I have included vitamin D into Immuno Defense 4X.

Now, these 3 nutrients can bolster your immune system like nothing you’ve seen before.

But I felt I needed one more thing to tie them all together—and make it the most powerful Immune-boosting formula you’ve ever seen.

…and one to keep you healthy—no matter what type of crud floating around you.

Oh…besides giving your immunity a kick in the old pants…higher vitamin D levels may also impact your mood—and make you a tad bit HAPPIER.

There are over 10 million people who experience mood changes in late fall and winter.  And who can blame them?

The darks are shorter…the weather is cooler and brisker…and, for some, the time change can be a real drag.

And this makes them feel sluggish…

Profoundly sad…

And unnecessary weight gain—even if they’re eating really, really well.

This is hallmark seasonal affective disorder—or SAD—and often occurs as seasons change…or your vitamin D status drops, thanks to the lack of the sun’s powerful rays.

Although guys experience SAD to some degree…it’s especially bad for women.  Women are FOUR TIMES as likely to be diagnosed with SAD than their counterparts.

Not to say it can’t happen…but it’s not as likely to happen.

But when it does…watch out.

Men get grumpy…irritated…and depressed—making them a bear to be around.

But guess what?

Some cases of SAD can be taken care of with a daily dose of vitamin D—as can the colds, flu, and seasonal allergies.

One study that followed 800 military recruits showed that those recruits with low vitamin D levels missed more active days compared to recruits with higher vitamin D levels.(30,31)

A much larger study conducted between 1988 and 1994 followed 19,000 people looking for a connection between vitamin D and sickness.

They discovered that those with lower vitamin D levels, were more likely to report an upper respiratory infection than those with adequate vitamin D in their body.(31)


Those with higher vitamin D status were less likely to experience symptoms of SAD than those with lower vitamin D levels.

As you can see, the “sunshine” vitamin is not only useful for treating seasonal affective disorder in millions of people…

…but it’s vitally important for boosting your immune system—and keeping infections at record lows.

And last but certainly not least, I’ve also included:

Ingredient 4

The Nose Clearing, Inflammation-Stopping Nutrient…
That Also Makes Your Body Absorb All The Other Nutrients

If you’ve ever gotten a cold, then you know how hard it can be to breathe when your nose is full of snot.

The fact is:

I’ve spent countless nights on the couch during cold and flu season—due to the inability to breathe out of one—or both—stuffed nostrils.

And I am sure you have too.  But here’s the thing:

A stuffy nose may not be the only reason you can’t breathe through your nose…or why you snore so loudly when you have a cold.  Sometimes your nasal cavity becomes inflamed—which makes you rely on becoming a dreaded “mouth breather.”

And this could lead to bad breath…


Dry mouth…

…and not enough oxygen getting to the rest of your body.  Ultimately, this puts stress on your heart and lungs—and makes some underlying diseases even worse.

So…as you’re tossing and turning…constantly propping up your pillow…and waking your significant other with your “lumberjack”


If you have dry mouth…bad breath…

Then your nose is compromised, and your body is not getting the deep, restful sleep it needs to strengthen your immune system—to fight off the viruses that currently have a hold on your health.

This is where the “pineapple” enzyme, bromelain, comes in handy.   Extracted from the stem, juice, and flesh, bromelain relaxes tight, inflamed tissue often caused by sinusitis and the common cold.(25,27,28) 

This allows you to breathe better…alleviates congestion…and starts the healing process…

So you can get a more restful night’s sleep—for both you and your partner…

No more headaches…groggy starts to your morning…or a restless night spent tossing and turning—all because you can’t breathe.

You will wake up feeling refreshed, ready to tackle your day, with a clear head and improved concentration—all because you slept peacefully the night before.


Even though bromelain can “open” up your nostrils so you can breathe easy again… it may also help you better absorb nutrients—especially the 3 nutrients packed into Immuno Defense 4X.

Here’s the deal…

One of the nutrients I’ve put into Immuno Defense 4X is Quercetin.  Although extremely powerful…it’s not a very bioavailable nutrient.

This means your body has a hard time absorbing it.  In fact, studies suggest, on a good day, you may only get 17% of the quercetin you take.(29)  But:

When you combine quercetin with bromelain—the absorption skyrockets.(29)  And this means you’ll have more quercetin hitting your cells…and boosting your immune system.  


It means you’re not going to waste any of the nutrients I’ve packed into Immuno Defense 4X.  

But you may be asking, “Why can’t I just eat more pineapple?”

Although you can get some bromelain from eating pineapple—you simply can’t get the recommended dosage…

…unless you’re going to eat 10 or more pineapples each day.


Immuno Defense 4X contains the recommended, clinically-approved dosage of bromelain—in one safe, easy-to-swallow daily dose.

To give you a quick recap, here is exactly what you can expect using Immuno Defense 4X:


Now, you’re probably wondering how much this will set you back.

Well…when I was personally buying these individual nutrients, I was spending $80 to $120 for a full month’s supply.

And sometimes I had to wait to get some of them in—because I couldn’t find the right dosage for what I needed.

But I am not willing to charge you that much for a 1-month supply.  I am not even going to charge you HALF that price.

You can get your own supply of Immuno Defense 4X for the low introductory price of $29.95.

(Special Bonus Offer)

Although you may not think you need a strong immune system, you do.  It’s central to fighting off infections…and eliminating those “iffy” cells in your body.

And there are some pretty big “iffy” cells—for example, this supervirus that eroding our sense of well-being, and hope for the future.

It’s also killing off our most vulnerable populations.

When you look at these facts—it’s easy to tell that over half our population is in danger of getting sick, or having lasting complications.

Not just due to this supervirus, but also due to simple viruses like the cold, flu, and others.

This is why, it’s more important than ever, to have a strong immune system.  And to strengthen your immunity—starting as early as tomorrow—needs to start with your diet.

A poor diet, or even a high intake of processed and refined foods can seriously impact your health—and the health of your immune system.

If you were to make small changes to your diet—you could see some tremendous benefits.  Combine a healthy, immune-boosting diet with Immuno Defense 4x—and it’s like putting your immune system into overdrive.

Well….as a special bonus for buying Immuno Defense 4x—we are going to give you a FREE copy of our Immunity Boosting Support Diet Playbook.

You’re going to get:

The EXACT meal plan I use to supercharge my immune system—and helps me maintain my current weight and energy levels…

A sample weekly meal plan that’s easy to follow, and is designed to give your immune system a kick in the pants…









ons of healthy recipes you can use to support the health of your immune system…

And you get this FREE as a thank you for making the smart investment in your health by purchasing Immuno Defense 4x.



Complete Immune System Support

It’s a no-brainer.  Not only are you getting our lowest introductory price on our newest creation, you’re also backed by my iron-clad 60-day month back guarantee.

And this can only mean one thing:

I am taking all the risk—and fretting each day that you’re happy with your purchase.  Not only have I already sunk over 100 hours researching this product…

I have also taken the necessary steps to secure all the nutrients (some of which took months to order)…and spent the extra money to make sure this product was vegan, non-GMO, and dairy-free.


If you try it, and don’t like it, then I am out the bottle you ordered AND the 100% refund that I will send back to you.

As you can see, there is ZERO risk for you to try Immuno Defense 4X right now.  Because, as much as I hate to say this:


We Have A LIMITED Supply Of Immuno Defense 4X In Stock.

Because of the nature of the ingredients…and people everywhere are looking to boost their immune system…

We were only able to secure enough raw materials to produce 1,600 bottles.   And you can bet this first run is going to sell out.

Even though we are securing the materials we need for a second run…

Due to the demand, we are having a harder time getting those nutrients—and have been promised that they should be back to normal soon—but they can’t really say when.

So the time to ACT is now.  Not next week…not next month…

ORDER IT TODAY.  I can’t guarantee that we will have our second batch in on time… or even when it will be made…

So…I can only believe it’s in your best interest to hit any of the green buttons to order your own supply today.



Complete Immune System Support


Imagine what it would be like if you DIDN’T get Immuno Defense 4X:

You could be sicker…less productive at work…and feel like you will get every illness that comes your way.


You can lock down those entry ports…boost your immune system fighting power…and stay healthy all year long.


If you happen to get a cold, or even the flu, imagine how you would feel if you were able to fight it off and RECOVER faster…FEEL better…and be STRONGER—starting in as little as 2 hours.


Imagine no more.  Immuno Defense 4X could be the easiest way to boost your immune system—and keep you feeling GREAT all years long.




Complete Immune System Support

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