Your Favorite Olive Oil Brand is a FRAUD


…discover how seedy people are changing the face of the olive oil industry!

The news is sweeping the nation:

The olive oil you’re currently using is a FAKE!

That’s right…

The olive oil that you’re putting on your salads…cooking with…even rubbing on your skin…

So, if you’ve been using your olive oil to protect your heart from a heart attack…

…or as a healthier oil to shed a few pounds, then I am sorry to say you’ve been duped.

It's FAKE!  It may not be olive oil at all!  You see, over in Europe and Italy—where the majority of olive oil is produced—is completely controlled by the mob.

They are maximizing their profits—at the expense of you—the consumer—and your health.

And don’t think it’s just a few fake olive oil brands either!  Some of the most popular consumer brands are now under the microscope—all because they’ve been selling fake olive oil.

Now, if you think this is a new practice…or something that has just recently surfaced…

Think again!

This cover-up has been going on for ages! Here’s exactly what you need to know:

The FAKE News about Olive Oil

First things first…

In case you didn’t know, there are approximately 350,000 tons of olive oil that enter into the country every year.

And most of that olive oil is coming in from Italy or surrounding areas.  It’s been labeled and shipped to the US and other parts of the world, where it sits on the store shelves, just waiting for you to buy it.

It’s been reported (by many different agencies) that up to 80 percent of the Italian olive oil that is placed on your store shelves for you to buy is actually FAKE, a fraud.

So, if you’ve been buying extra-virgin olive oil from Italy, there’s a good chance you’ve been suckered and you’re not buying what’s advertised on the label.


Well, I know you’ve heard of the mafia before—the Italian mobsters who run different organizations and engage in other “nefarious” activities.

They have their hands in the olive oil industry over there in Italy!  You see, olive oil is very expensive and time consuming to produce.

So what do they do?  They cut the oil with other cheaper oils, like canola oil for example.  Or they mix higher quality oil with cheaper, low-grade olive oil.

Once cut and blended, the oil is then chemically deodorized, colored, and might also be flavored, in order to “look” and “taste” just like extra-virgin olive oil.

How can you tell?

It’s extremely hard!  The mob has perfected the art of doctoring olive oil that it’s hard to determine a fake olive oil brands from a legit brand.

(On a side note, it’s hard to blame the brand for the fake olive oil, since most of the oil comes from suppliers.)

So how can you tell if your olive oil is fake?

That’s a great question…

How to Tell a Fake Olive Oil

It’s extremely tough to determine if your olive oil is a fake.   But there may be clues you can gather to determine if your olive oil doesn’t live up to the hype.

Although not completely accurate, one way to tell if your oil is real is if it clouds up when exposed to colder temperatures.

You see, olive oil consists of a high amount of monounsaturated fats.  And these fats—when exposed to colder temperatures—will cloud up and start to solidify.

(Some pure olive oil brans may completely solidify when placed in a refrigerator or even in cold environments.)

Again, this is not a sure-fire way to determine if the olive oil you’re using is a fake olive oil, but it’s a good start.

You can’t even tell by taste anymore (due to the chemical deodorizers and the aroma that may be added to it).

But I do have some good news to share…

These 5 olive oil brands have passed the test:

1. Kasandrinos Olive Oil (the one I personally use)
2. Fresh Pressed Olive Oil Club (I just recently met the owners of this company)
3. Kirkland Organic
4. Whole Foods California 365
5. Trader Joe’s California Estate

And here’s a list of some of the olive oil brands that failed the inspection test for pure olive oil:

1. Bertolli’s
2. Star
3. Newman’s Own

I am sure now that these tests and reports have came out most companies will be attempting to tighten up their quality control to ensure they are receiving pure olive oil from their suppliers.  (The fake olive oil list reports are listed at the end of this article.)

The Take Home Message

There have been a number of reports that show that some of the extra-virgin olive oil you’re currently buying and consuming may not be PURE olive oil at all.

In fact, some may be altered and cut with cheaper oils and made to taste, look, and smell just like olive oil.

Some of these oils you may be consuming may contain canola oil or vegetable oils, which could have a serious impact on your body and your health.

This is precisely why you need to choose your olive oil brand wisely next time you’re out shopping at the supermarket.

Now, before you go, there’s one more thing I would like to share…

I would like to show you something that contains all the antioxidant power found in olive oil that could protect the health of your cells (and your body), lower cholesterol, and improve your brain function.


You’ll discover the #1 OIL to stay away from (because it destroys healthy cells) and why your heart may be in danger as we speak.  On the next page, you’re going to discover how you can take back your health and protect your heart—with a trick that cardiologists agree works, but don’t really want you to know about it:

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