Your Bodies SECRET To Longevity

Winter time.

Dark and long nights, howling winds, and the occasional snowstorm are some of the highlights of this time of year.

Oh, and the cold.

The bone-chilling cold that makes you shiver…

But that same cold, although sometimes unbearable, may hold a special key.

And this key may be the secret to living longer, all by stimulating one little thing inside both your FAT cells and your SKIN cells...

Cold and Longevity

Now, before we get into the research, you need to know that some studies have shown that humans, living at lower temperatures, may actually live longer.

And those same studies theorize that cold temperatures may slow down the rate of chemical reactions in your body – therefore slowing down the aging process.

Now, though, a new study shows that there may be a different explanation for why colder temperature may increase your longevity…

And it may not be what you’re thinking…

Although prior studies showed that aging was slowed due to a passive thermodynamic process (slowdown of chemical reactions), now a new study challenges that idea.

The researchers felt there was something more to the whole process and they were determined to find out what it was.

Here is what they found:

They found a cold-temperature channel in both your skin and fat cells, TRPA-1, may detect changes in temperature, which may increase your lifespan.

They believe that when TRPA-1 is activated (due to the cold) it stimulates an increase in calcium ions into the cells.

And this influx of calcium reaches a set of receptors in your cells, therefore activating them, to increase longevity.

Now, although they performed this research on worms, they stated that these same channels may found in other organisms, including humans, which could mean a similar response could happen.

They concluded:

“Our results reveal a previously unrecognized function for TRP channels, link calcium signaling to longevity, and importantly, demonstrate that genetic programs contribute to lifespan extension at cold temperatures.”

Simply put: colder temperatures may stimulate TRP channels and contribute to changes in the cell that may boost longevity.

Easy Way to Boost Longevity

For many years, people have been searching – high and low – for the secret to increasing longevity – or the fountain of youth.

But to no avail.

Today, many people use a number of powders, lotions, and crèmes to keep their skin feeling and looking younger.

However, these products may only improve the outside of your body, but do nothing for improving the INSIDE of your body.

Now, however, researchers may have found a way to improve longevity, simply by exposure to colder temperatures.

Although there is really no way to turn back the hands of time, exposure to colder temperatures may stimulate a process in your body that releases calcium, therefore stimulating a process that could increase your longevity.

Not everyone, however, wants to reduce the heat or sit out in the cold.  So what may be the next best thing?

Is This The Next Best Thing To Improving Your Longevity >>


Xiao R, Znang B, Dong Y, Gong J, Xu T, Liu J, Xu S.  A Genetic Program Promotes C. elegans Longevity at Cold Temperature via a Thermosensitive TRP Channel.  Cell. 2013 Feb 14;152(4):806-814.

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