These Are The WORST Foods That Speed Up Aging and Fat Gain (beware)

There are certain foods that you’re probably eating right now that are causing you to look—and probably feel—much older than you really are.   These foods harm your joints…your organs…and spike your blood sugar to dangerous levels.  

But the worst part of this whole situation is:


The Average Consumer Doesn’t Know a Particular Food is BAD for Them Because Often Times they’re Labeled as “Health Foods!”

That’s right…

Some of the WORST foods for your body and your health are labeled as “healthy” by the Big Food Corporations just so you will buy these foods.


If you AVOID—or at the least limit—your intake of these foods, you could turn back the proverbial clock by 5…10…or even 20 years!

Imagine what looking—and feeling—10 years younger would do for your self-confidence…your self-esteem…and your overall mindset—that’s powerful stuff!

But before we reveal the WORST foods that accelerate the aging process, I need you to understand a few things…

Every day, there are TRILLIONS of biochemical reactions going on inside your body—at any given time. 

And when you eat foods (healthy or otherwise), certain reactions occur that 1) speed up the aging process—making you age FASTER than your real chronological age, or 2) fight back against the aging process—kind of like an imaginary “Fountain of Youth.”

Eat the WRONG foods (like the list we have in store for you), and you can almost guarantee that you’ll age FASTER and LOOK (and FEEL) 10 or 20 years older than you really are.

No thank you!

But when you eat the RIGHT foods, I can almost promise you will start to look—and feel—about 10 to 20 years younger!

The reason for this sudden shift in your appearance or your energy levels has to do with three very distinct processes that occur in your body.

They are: glycation, oxidation, and inflammation!

(On a side note: Aging doesn’t just refer to graying hair, fine lines, or wrinkles.  Aging also refers to how well your organs are working...if your joints become achy and inflamed…and if you’re struggling to control issues like cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar.)

Now, as much as your boyish good looks and your knock-me-out smile are important indicators of the aging process…

…they are not the only indicators of how FAST your body is aging—and how your body will perform in the next 5…10…or even 30 years!

Now, you’re probably thinking that sugar (in all forms) and trans-fats would be the major culprits to FASTER aging—and you are correct.

Both sugar and trans-fats are responsible for HIGHER inflammation…HIGHER oxidation of cholesterol and other things in your body.

(Trans-fats found in items such as Margarine, for example, destroy hydration (the amount of water in your body), which speeds up the aging process—and causes those fine lines and wrinkles to start appearing.)

As bad as the other two are…

…these foods are EVEN WORSE and age your body—from the inside out—faster than the blink of your eye!

The WORST PART: They’re foods you probably wouldn’t even consider to be BAD!

Without delaying any longer, these are the WORST foods you can eat—all due to how FAST they make you age!

Let’s dive in and get your feet wet…

The WORST foods that age you FASTER are:

1. Bacon, Cured Meats, and Ham

Bacon, ham, and cured meats are packed full of preservatives in order to keep the meat fresh and prevent it from rotting.

And it’s these preservatives that are the EXACT reason why your body looks 10 years older!  These preservatives cause free radical development to occur in your body.

When your body is FLOODED with free radicals, your body is at a higher risk for oxidation of your healthy cells and your DNA.

And when this occurs, not only do you age faster, but you’re putting yourself at a much greater risk for developing cancer, diabetes, or other age-related health issues.

2. Pasta, Instant Oatmeal, Pretzels, and Bagels

I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but some of your favorite foods have hit the list.  Pastas, white bread, bagels, and instant oatmeal have all been shown to accelerate the aging process in your skin.

The main reason: Sugar.  Many of these foods are stripped of their nutrients, only to later be “enriched” through chemical processes.

What you’re left with will not only destroy your skin, but will create many different problems with your skin.

3. Alcohol

Everyone knows that alcohol is bad for your body.  But did you know that it could age you FASTER than many other drinks on the


It’s true!  Besides being heavy on calories and sugar, alcohol may also rob your body of a very important vitamin.  And that is Vitamin A.

Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant that’s important for cell renewal and turnover.  Without higher vitamin A levels, you may find yourself with higher free radical development, which again, puts your body in an accelerated path for aging.

4. Wheat-Based Foods

Wheat-based foods have been touted as a way to improve your health and stabilize your blood sugar due to the higher fiber content found in wheat-based foods.

So why is it on the list?

Wheat-based foods may cause spikes in your blood sugar, which could lead to more oxidative stress…free radical development…and inflammation.

The reason: Amylopectin-A.  This carbohydrate that’s found in wheat products, has been shown to spike blood sugar levels HIGHER and FASTER than any other product out there.

This, in combination with the pasta and breads from above, could be very dangerous for your health—and could age you faster than you probably want.

Oh, I forgot to mention one thing…

There is a really fun and cool side effect to cutting out ( or limiting) your intake of these foods;

Accelerated fat loss!  So, not only are you going to slow down the aging process, you’re also going to have a slimmer, toner, and FLATTER body that would rival most young adults or even middle-aged adults!

Obviously limiting these foods would be ideal in order to slow down the aging process (and drop some of these unwanted LBS.)…

But that’s easier said than done!  But don’t worry…

There’s a pretty simple trick that you can use to protect yourself against these foods and the harmful effects of sugar and trans-fats.

And it has nothing to do with EATING different foods to counteract the negative effects!  On the next page, I will show you how to find the EXACT foods to slow down the aging process and fight back against these harmful foods.

But before I show you that…

You should know that there are plenty of other foods, such as margarine, soybean and vegetable oil, some cereals, and corn-based products that could also speed up the aging process in your body by spiking inflammation and creating more oxidative stress from your exposure to even more FREE RADICALS.

But there’s some good news to take away…

On the next page, we are going to show you 10 cleansing agents that provide even greater PROTECTION against the foods that speed up premature aging, wrinkles, and destruction in your body.

You’re also going to discover how lowering inflammation with these nutrients further helps to slow down the aging process like we discussed earlier in this article.



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