What Your Tongue Is Telling You About Your Health

…the surprising health conditions you can find my looking at the color of your tongue!

I don’t know about you, but I am pretty scared…

Not about ghosts…or failing at things…

But I am scared that I am going to leave this world a little sooner than I would like.  You see, my family has pretty bad heart diseases.

It’s so bad, that the men in my family are most at risk, with many narrowly surviving a heart attack—if not dying early.

That’s why I am scared and nervous at the same time.   Heart disease is not something to joke about.

In fact, heart disease is a common killer of both men and women—killing even ONE in FOUR people.

But I think the worst part about heart disease is, outwardly, you may not have any symptoms that show you have heart problems—or are close to having a heart attack.

Sure, blood work can show you things about your cholesterol and triglycerides…

A monitor can tell you about your heart rate and blood pressure…

While an EKG can tell you about the health of your heart—including if you have an arrhythmias or signs that show you’re close to having a major cardiac event.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know BEFORE you go into the doctor that there could be something wrong with your ticker?


Of course it would be!  And, surprisingly, there may be a way.

You see, your body is very good at giving you subtle signs that there may be something wrong.   One of the best indicators of your overall health could be your:

  That’s right, the bright pink organ that helps you chew, talk, and swallow, could also alert you to specific health issues going on inside your body.

For example, have you ever had a fever that just wouldn’t quit?  And you wondered how much longer it would stick around?

Well, here’s something to chew on:

A crimson tongue may show you that you’re on the last stages of a fever—and that it will break relatively soon!


But that’s not even close to being it!  Check these out…

What Your Tongue is Saying to You

It’s hard to believe, but your tongue plays a vital role in many different parts of your health.  It’s not just used for swallowing and chewing.

But did you know that the COLOR of your tongue (and the coating on your tongue) may show you (or a trained professional) that you may have some serious issues going on inside your body.

Here are just a few to think about:

A pale tongue—may mean you have joint problems, frequent colds, or kidney weakness.

Purple tongue
—may mean you have circulation problems, stagnant blood, or even fatigue syndromes.

Red Tip—a red tip may suggest that there is circulation problems, stress, and possible heart issues.

Soft, Tender tongue—this type of tongue may mean there is digestive issues (weak)  or aching limbs.

Now, if you think the color of your tongue is the only indicator, think again!

The COATING on the outside of your tongue may also reveal complications associated with your heart.

For example, if the coating on your tongue is black, then you may have some serious issues going on with your health and should see a doctor immediately.

Here are a few others:

Thick yellow coating—this could be a sign of a digestive disorder such as constipation.

Thin yellow coating—means there could be a lung infection.

Thick pale white coating—this means you may have some issues with food absorption or poor digestion.

Now, serious health conditions may also be diagnosed other ways by looking inside your mouth.

For example, bleeding gums may show you need some help with brushing.   But it may also suggest there is an issue with your heart.

Studies have confirmed that gum disease and heart disease go hand-in-hand.   The studies suggest that the bacteria associated with gum disease may also be associated with heart attacks or heart disease.

When to Call Your Doctor…

If you see some sudden changes in the health of your tongue, then you may want to call your doctor and set up an appointment.

Sure, it may be nothing to be concerned about…

…but it may also suggest there is something serious going inside your body and your health may be at risk.

But the good news is…

We’ll show you how to find plenty of antioxidant power and nutrients that may PROTECT your body from devastating health conditions on the next page.

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Demmer, RT, Desvarieux M.  Periodontal infections and cardiovascular disease.  JADA.  2006 Oct; 137.

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