The Top RESEARCH-BACKED Weight Loss Tips You Can Start Today


There are way too many myths in the fat loss industry.

Some you’ve probably fallen for, while others are simply too hard to believe.

Well, today we have FIVE of the top ways to burn fat, flatten your belly, and give you the body of your dreams in a few short months.

And the BEST part of these tips…

They are all backed – 100 percent – by research!

So, in order to start your New Year’s resolutions off right, try including these FIVE tips today:

1. Use Coconut Oil (or even coconut milk)

Have you tried coconut oil for cooking yet?  If you have yet to, you should probably start!

Over the last few years, coconut oil has made a breakthrough in nutrition circles as being one of the healthier fats around.

And for good reason!  Coconut oil contains many different nutrients, all which help to improve your health.

But here is where coconut oil separates itself from all the other oils!

Coconut oil is full of fat – but an awesome fat for your health!  You see, it contains medium-chain triglycerides, which are a type of fat your body utilizes differently than other fats.

The benefit to your fat loss: medium-chain triglycerides may burn as many as 120 calories in a day, which could lead to a flatter midsection at the end of three months.

2. Cut Out SUGAR

This is by far the simplest – yet hardest way – to lose the excess fat this year.


Sugar is a highly addictive substance, which could lead to intense food cravings, chronic diseases, and of course, excess fat gain.


Cutting out excess sugar may be the best way to boost your metabolism and shed those unwanted pounds.

You see, sugar spikes your insulin – and any excess sugar in your blood may eventually be stored as fat.

But, if you cut out the excess sugar – and replace it with fruits, vegetables ,and essential fats, then you may lower your insulin response.

And this could lead to a slender belly in a shorter amount of time.

3. Drink Plenty of Water

This is a very basic – yet highly effective – tip for shedding the excess belly fat.

Not only will drinking a lot more water help your digestion, studies show that it may also boost your metabolism by a whopping 24 to 30 percent!

Drinking water before a meal may also curb your appetite and fill your belly up, leaving less room for the excess food.

Result = greater fat loss!

4. Eat More SPICY Foods

There is a reason why spicy foods are on the list!

Spicy foods may contain one of the most powerful fat burners around – capsaicin.

Research shows that capsaicin has been shown to increase metabolism and thermogenesis.

Plus, capsaicin may also reduce appetite, therefore limiting the amount of food (and calories) you end up eating.

5. Chew Slowly

There is a new movement in the health, fitness, and nutrition industry.

It’s called mindfulness!  Basically, this is where you mindfully eat – focus on slowing down your chewing, chewing your food longer, and enjoying the taste of the foods.

Not only does this slow everything down (good for your hectic, fast-paced world), but it also allows your brain to catch up with your stomach.

The bottom line could result in less food eaten, the feeling of fullness, and less calories being consumed at dinner.

And this could be very, very good for giving you a flat belly this year!

Start Losing the Fat TODAY!

If you want to boost your fat loss – which is pretty much a given – then you need to follow the five tips from above.

They are backed by research and may be the easiest and most effective way to boost your fat loss and flatten your belly.

Although the list is not a complete list of the best ways to burn fat, they may be a great starting point for those looking to break through the flab and get a lean, toned, and fit body in the shortest time possible.

So, what are you waiting for, use these tips to start burning fat TODAY!


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