Eliminate Sagging Man-Boobs…Fat Bellies…And Non-Existent Sex Drive


…Your Food Guide To Restoring Your Energy, Stamina, Sex Drive, and Muscle Mass

You may have heard that testosterone is the MANLY hormone, which his very true.  Without testosterone, it could be a lot harder for men (just like you) to keep a healthy and vibrant life.

But there is one problem…

Low testosterone levels may completely railroad your life…your energy levels…your mental health…and your sex drive and bedroom performance.  

It could also put you at a much greater risk for developing chronic and sometimes life-threatening diseases.

But you’re in luck…

Keeping your testosterone at peak levels is within your reach—with a few small tweaks to your current lifestyle!

In a moment I will explain how, but first, I want you to take a stroll down memory lane.

Remember the days when you had more than enough energy to get you through the day?

How about having the stamina to completely leave your partner a sweating, breathless mess?

What happened to those days when you were filled with unbridled energy and stamina? Sure, you can chock almost everything that happens in your life up to aging, but is that really the problem?

Think about it…

How many older men—I am talking about 80+ year olds—have a better and more active sex life than you?  Surprisingly, there are quite a few!

No, it’s not aging that has zapped your energy and made you less of a man in the bedroom…

…it’s your testosterone levels (or lack thereof)—the one hormone that gave you the zest for life that you’ve been lacking for a number of years…

Gave you the lean, muscular body that is now replaced by a soft, protruding belly and man boobs…

The one great thing in your life that made you feel ALIVE and gave you hours of endless energy (that is now lacking) just happens to be testosterone!

Testosterone drops at an extremely fast rate—at least one to two percent each year—which may explain some of the symptoms you’ve been experiencing.

When does this happen?  Documented studies have pinpointed the early 30s as the time when your testosterone levels will start to free fall...

But, in reality, it could happen at any time (sometimes even in your 20s).

So that means your dad or grandfather could be a shell of the man that they were when he was in his 30s (or even 20s)!

Studies have confirmed this loss and show that testosterone levels may be drastically LOWER than they were a century ago.

Plus, and this should be ALARMING, estrogen levels have drastically increased (almost DOUBLED) in the same period.

Shocking, yes...surprising no!

(For more information on estrogen and how it’s impacting your health, be sure to read this alarming article on the dangers present in today’s chemical-laden world.)

So what is happening to your precious testosterone?

First, you can’t ignore the simple fact that you’re getting older.  But aging is not the main culprit.

Constant exposure to stressful situations could be one of the main causes for lower testosterone levels.  Also, exposure to estrogen-like compounds (called xenoestrogens) found in everyday household and healthy and beauty products are drastically altering your hormone levels, which could be sending your testosterone levels plummeting.

Luckily you can still take control and do something about it!

The first step is to limit your exposure to compounds found in your everyday life that could raise your estrogen levels (you  can’t completely avoid them, but you can limit their exposure and deadly testosterone-lowering effects).

You can also change the foods you’re currently eating to foods that spike your testosterone and reduce the impact estrogen-like compounds have on your body..

Editor’s Note: Estrogen is also produced from excess belly fat levels.  Losing your love handles, visceral fat, and belly fat could go a long way to boosting testosterone.  Click here for our ripped belly solution.

Do you want to know one of the BEST ways to boost testosterone?

It would be to eat more fatty foods (including those that contain cholesterol)!  I know it sounds counter-intuitive and something that could potentially ruin your health…

…but unbelievably, its true! The advice you’ve taken over the years to AVOID fatty and cholesterol-rich foods was wrong.  Not only will they NOT damage your health, avoiding them LOWERS your testosterone and makes you fat, weak, and drained of energy!

IMPORTANT = = > It's DESTROYING your sex life!!

The fact is, dietary fats (especially saturated fats) and cholesterol actually supply your body with the building blocks you need to synthesize testosterone. 

(If you’ve been following the advice of mainstream media and you’ve been avoiding fats and cholesterol-rich foods, then you’ve in fact lowered your testosterone and put a death grip on your health.)

Now, don’t get me wrong, choosing the right foods to supply you with cholesterol and fat is extremely important.  Fried foods and pre-packaged deli meats just won’t cut it—or improve your health.


Including more grass-fed lean cuts of meat and free-range dairy products (including eggs) could supply your body with the necessary fats (and cholesterol) needed to give your  testosterone a boost in the right direction.

If you want to increase your intake of HEALTHY fats, you should consume more grass-fed butter, coconut oil, coconut milk, and cocao (not refined chocolate, but the unrefined cocao products).

But these types of foods are not the only options to consider.  Foods rich in monounsaturated fats, such as olive oil, avocados, and a variety of nuts, are also vital to boosting your precious testosterone levels.

The bottom line here is: You need to eat more healthy fats!  Fats are an integral component to your diet and should constitute a good portion (roughly 30 percent) of your daily calorie needs. 

NOTE: Eating more fat leads to better appetite control, therefore preventing you from overeating and could accelerate your fat loss, therefore boosting your testosterone as well! This is one of the best sources of fat that we highly recommend.

So, besides fat, what other foods could help you boost testosterone?

Other Potential Testosterone-Boosting Foods

If you’re looking to boost your testosterone, then you need to eat the right foods.  Yes, increasing your intake of saturated fat, monounsaturated fats, omega-3 fatty acids, and cholesterol are important nutrients for synthesizing testosterone, however, there are plenty of other foods that could also naturally boost your testosterone.

Including the ones below:

White Mushrooms

Eat them raw or cooked, these potent fungi may help boost testosterone by naturally blocking the aromtase enzyme from converting your testosterone to estrogen.


If you want to really increase your testosterone, then you need to eat some raw (or cooked) oysters.  Oysters are jammed packed with zinc, magnesium, selenium, copper, and vitamin D, which are all needed nutrients for testosterone production. 


One of my favorites on the list!  Pomegranate (even the juice) has been shown to boost testosterone levels.  One study showed that after just 2 weeks of daily pomegranate juice consumption, salivary testosterone levels increased by a whopping 24 percent!


One of the most potent cooking spices around, ginger is mostly known to exert anti-inflammatory actions in the body.  But it could also boost testosterone levels.  One study showed a 17 percent increase in testosterone after ginger supplementation.

Turmeric Root

Not only is turmeric great for reducing inflammation and joint pain, it is also crucial for preventing some estrogenic compounds from getting into your cells and destroying your testosterone levels.

Yogurt & Blue Cheese (and other fermented foods)

Fermented foods, like Kefir, Sauerkraut, yogurt, and kimchi contain healthy probiotics.  Not only do the probiotics help improve your intestinal health, they may also aid in the breakdown of estrogenic compounds and prevent the body from absorbing them.  Plus, probiotics have been shown to boost testosterone and luteinizing hormone (needed for testosterone production)..

Cruciferous vegetables

Veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, celery, and kale have been shown to cleanse the liver and help eliminate estrogen from your body.   By simply breaking down these compounds, your body has a much easier time eliminating estrogen from your body.

If you're serious about reclaiming your youth...getting the body if your dreams...and becoming the dominant man in the bedroom...then the next page contains different tips to help you reach your peak testosterone levels…skyrocket your energy levels…improved your sex drive…and gain more lean muscle mass (and less fat). 

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