My 15 Success Tip For Getting Back To The Basics

  1. Eat 4-6 small meals day a day instead of the usual 2-3 large meals. Eating frequently will help regulate and boost your metabolism to burn more calories.

  2.  Make sure you eat more foods that are high in fiber and low in sugar.  Foods like lean proteins (lean red meat, chicken, fish, and whey protein), fruits (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries) and vegetables, (broccoli, peppers, asparagus, carrots), nuts (almonds, cashews, and walnuts), and whole grains (oats, sprouted grain breads, barley, rice, and quinoa).

  3. Eat low-glycemic carbohydrates such as vegetables, whole-wheat products and oatmeal instead of refined processed carbohydrates which usually come in a box or a bag.

  4.  Fiber, which is found in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, is extremely important to fat loss.  It will help satisfy your hunger, slow the rate of digestion, control insulin and blood sugar levels (both of which promote fat storage), and improve heart health.  You should consume between 25 and 35 grams each day.

  5. Eat some type of lean protein at each meal. Protein helps to satisfy hunger and provide the necessary building blocks to maintain lean body mass while losing body fat.

  6. Consume adequate amounts of healthy fat foods such as olive oil, walnuts, almonds, Omega-3 fortified eggs, or other Omega-3 products.  Healthy fats are great antioxidants as well as help with brain function and many other essential processes that take place in the body on a daily basis. Essential Fatty Acids, according to clinical studies, could also help prevent certain diseases. To guarantee you’re consuming enough Omega-3 supplement your diet with Omega Icon.


  7. Eat 5-10 servings of fruit and vegetables a day to meet your micronutrient needs.  Vegetables also contain a good amount of fiber and help to control appetites and curb hunger. Additionally, Active Core Complex provides the power-packed nutrition of 25 whole vegetables, greens, and fruits in a convenient “super pill.”

  8.  Thirsty?  Make sure to only consume water or Green tea whenever possible.   These low-calorie options are so much better than the calorie-filled drinks, like soda and fruit juices.  Plus, Green tea has many different health benefits, including fat loss.  You should be including 1ml of non-caffeinated fluid (water) for every calorie that you consume.  If you follow this advice, you should be drinking between (8-12) 8oz glasses of Green Tea or water each day.

  9. Balance your fat intake for the day.  One-third should come from saturated fats, 1/3 from monounsaturated fats, and 1/3 from polyunsaturated fats. Again, ensure you’re consuming antioxidant-rich Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids by incorporating EFA Icon into your nutritional plan.

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  10. In order to maintain consistent fat loss, you need to develop good habits.  And the only way to develop good habits is to have a good plan in place.  You should map out your meals every day and follow them with no deviations.  If you follow your plan every day for 2 to 3 weeks, then you should find it easier to stick with these good habits.  Not only will it become easier, but it will become part of your daily plan and simply part of your life.

  11. Incorporate “superfoods” into your meal plan on a daily basis. Some examples are salmon, low-fat plain yogurt, tomatoes, spinach, mixed berries, whole oats, mixed nuts, olive oil, flax seeds(or flax meal), green tea, and various beans. Many of the super nutrition found in these “superfoods” are also found in Active Core Complex.

  12. Although fat is extremely important for your health and fat loss, you need to be sure to keep your daily fat intake under 30%.  How can you do this?  By simply cutting out higher fat food items, such as butter, sour cream, and mayonnaise.  You don’t have to eliminate them altogether, but keep them in moderation.  Use them sparingly and avoid adding them to your food as much as you can.

  13. EXERCISE! Yes, you can lose weight just by changing your eating habits. But very few people succeed long-term - and it takes much longer to lose fat - when they don’t exercise. And something most people don’t realize is, just how critical ingesting the research-proven Protein to Carbohydrate ratio is to optimizing the results of your workout efforts.

  14. Just like having a daily meal plan will help you succeed, so will writing down what you eat and drink each day.  You will be amazed by what you find, as some people misjudge their daily calorie intake.  Keeping a food journal is critical to your overall success simply because journaling is a great way to evaluate and analyze your current meal plan.  If you fat loss slows—or dies off completely—then you should start by looking at your journal to see where you may have overdone it or areas you can change.

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  15. Follow the 90% rule. If you can follow your plan 90% of the time, you will soon see unwanted fat melt off your body. However, if you find yourself breaking these rules more than 90% of the time, your chances of failing increase significantly. 



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